Weight Watchers Weekly Wednesday Weigh In – on Friday! Week #11

I think it’s my mission each week to see how many “W” words I can cram into the title…

Again…it’s not Wednesday, but since I WI on Wednesday’s..it’s still my Wednesday WI! I’m so bad with being consistent with posting. Something I need to work on. Happy Friday though! :)

So this week I stepped on the scale & it showed a 1 lb. gain. My total loss is 11.8 lbs for 11 wks. I’m more than happy with that too. First gain in the 11 wks I WI…and it was a deserving one.

One thing that aggravated me a little with my leader is she kept trying to over analyze my week. It’s plain & simple – I ate too much & didn’t track. I almost think she wasn’t happy that I was “fine” with my gain. I seriously felt the same this week as I did last week with my 2.4 loss. Is it strange to say I actually felt better? I felt as though the scale actually reflected my week for once.

So this week my goals are the same as always – 10k steps/day & track! I’ve already missed my 10k step goal on Wednesday & Thursday. This new office is killing me with that. I need to figure a way around it. I really do feel better with seeing & meeting that number every night.

So here’s to losing that 1 lb and more if I can. We have a vacation planned soon – an actual vacation not just going upstate so I need to get in my groove since eating out will be a must for 4 days straight. I’m also going to be missing a WI and meeting that week so I need to stay focused – probably get some support & motivation from the great groups on instagram on my down time at night. If you’re on a weight loss journey of your own and don’t have an instagram account – get on there. I’m finding it to be key in keeping me focused. Look me up at @fitnhealthyinprogress Crazy long name, but someone already had my name. :( :p

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Sometimes I feel like Sybil…

Remember that movie with Sally Field from the 70’s…she has DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder…previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder…  yeah.  I swear, I feel like that sometimes.


For example…yesterday I was all ready to just throw in the towel.  The night before I ate way too much pizza – an ENTIRE 12″ pizza…by myself…despite my almost 15k steps and great planning all throughout the day at the zoo.  The morning just started off all wrong.  I was done.  It was a struggle to walk at lunch.  I was in a pissy mood.  I felt like a failure & just wanted to give up.  

Today – complete opposite.  Looked forward to my lunch time walk…I think I even had a smile on my face that said “Yeah, I got this, this is for ME!!!”  Even after I fell flat on my face after twisting THE ankle on the grass…got up, still smiling!  I’m rocking my foods today, tracking, being mindful.  DOING.THE.PLAN.

This back & forth seems to be a daily occurrence.  Sometimes back & forth several times a day.  Maybe I should see someone?  :p

Oh yeah, I do…my Weight Watcher leader – Lori!  Oddly enough, our WW leader posted a simple picture in her Facebook group…this picture:


This picture really hits home with me.  I may even use this wording on a picture of myself & keep it with me – to remind me there’s no going back!

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Wednesday Weight Watchers Weigh In – Week #10

Yeah, I know…it’s Thursday, but I did weigh in on Wednesday…we just never got the video uploaded yesterday & figured I need to keep myself accountable so I’m posting now – better late than never, right?

I wasn’t expecting much with the not so perfect week I had so it was a surprise when I saw a loss of 2.4.  That makes my 10 week total 12.8 lbs down – and pray to God never to be seen again!  I’m currently at 201…one lb away from 200…1.1 lb away from kissing the 200’s goodbye…again…I know, but that’s life – full of ups & downs, right…including my weight!

I have to say I’m not expecting a 1.1 lb loss next week even if I’m 100% on plan with everything.  I really think this 2.4 lb loss was some kind of fluke.  My ultimate goal next week is a 1.1 lb loss, but to be honest ANY loss is going to be awesome in my book.

So, my plan this week is 100% tracking.  Be mindful of the foods I’m putting in my mouth, and my precious 10k daily step goal, which oddly enough has been a big struggle for me to get in whereas before it was a piece of cake.  I blame it on the new office.  HA!

Have a healthy week!

If you had a WI this week…how did you do?  Did you accomplish any fitness goals?  Any NSV’s to share?

…and because I can’t have a post without a picture…Natie’s graduating class was asked what they’d like to be when they grow up…and here’s my buddy’s answer…  

Ice Cream Man


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What will tomorrow bring…

I’ve pretty much had a poopie week.  What I had as my goals for this week didn’t really happen.  I was in a funk that I just couldn’t pull myself out of.  I think it was all AF related.  Damn witch!  Along with AF comes yet another month that we didn’t get pregnant.  It’s exhausting.  I’m so over it at this point.  We took a month off along the way so we wouldn’t “burn out”, but it’s happening anyway.  I’m approaching my 38th birthday in just two short months & it’s making things harder & harder.  At this point I have no interest in medical intervention.  We, well, probably more I believe that if God wants me to have another baby…it’ll happen.  I have the world’s most amazing little boy ever who truly brings me so much joy…I AM BLESSED!

My blessing from above...

My blessing from above…

Things are looking up though.  Something really great happened today in our personal life that has been needed.  Still a long way from what we’d like but a BIG step in the right direction!  Sometimes that’s all it takes…just one thing to go in the right direction – and then the rest will follow!

So, whatever tomorrow may bring, I have to keep my head held high & know if there is a gain, it’s Ok.  This is a life long journey that I’m not stopping.  I’m not letting anything get in my way!

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Weight Watchers Wednesday WI – #9

Just a quick post today.  Really shitty day at work so I’m not feeling up to doing a video today.  Just wanted to stay consistent with my WI postings….  

The meeting today was great.  So good to see our Wednesday afternoon leader.  Though I really prefer to WI first thing in the morning.  I just like to get up & get it out of the way.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do.  I’d hate to visit WW 2x in one day.  I love the place & all, but geez…  :p

So…drumroll please…..  Down 0.4…again!  Whatever – I’ll take it.  To be honest I did NOT track completely this weekend.  I didn’t binge, but I didn’t feel like figuring out everything I ate either – at 3 BBQs.  Something I REALLY need to get under control and always stay on top of.  I also didn’t hit my 10k step goal more than once this week.  Seriously – pathetic.  Not to mention good ol’ AF paid me a visit just moments before stepping on the scale. 

But…today is a new day.  I have a LOT of steps to get in today to hit my goal, but I’m determined.  Tracking is on 100% so far.  Feeling in control.

Now…how not to take today’s shitty day at work & turn it into a drinking & binge fest?  I’ll be stepping the stress/BS away!


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Weight Watchers Wednesday Weekly Weigh In – # 8

Hi all!  Happy W day!  Just a quick video of me recapping WI & watering the garden…also giving the stink eye to nearby bunnies & squirrels.  All in a day’s work, right?!

The goal I set for myself last week was to hit 10 lbs loss…did I do it?  (According to MFP on my sidebar I CRUSHED it!…showing 213 lbs lost!)  LOL

Have a great week everyone – be healthy!

(Saying it again…Youtube HATES me – what is up with that thumbnail?  HA!)


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Weight Watchers Wednesday Weekly Weigh In #7

I should rename it to weekly weigh Win…why not toss another W in the mix, right?

Seriously…since Natie was born I have a new found love for the letter “W”. “Wah Wah Wah…What’s happenin’ Dude…” If anyone has a toddler who loved/s Leap Frog’s The Letter Factory you’ll know what I’m talking about… If not, then I’m sure this adds another notch to my crazy lady tally. :p

This week’s WI was a weird one… Oooh, another W word! Ok, I’ll shut up…
My PIC is away so I went solo, was sick…ahh…just watch the video and you’ll see/hear why.

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