Tomorrow’s WI & My 100 Days Challenge Update!

Hey all!  A quick update on my 100 days challenge – I’m doing it!  You can check my progress here or by just clicking on “My 100 Days” up top on the menu bar.  I try to update it weekly, but today I was way behind on updating it.  I promise I’ll do better…  because really, I know you’re all waiting for my updates…right?

I won’t lie.  There have been days that it’s been unbelievably easy…and then there have been days I thought, ugh, do I really have to….  like when I’m out to dinner with Rich (yeah, it happened!) and realized “Crap!  It’s 9pm & I haven’t come close to my step count!”  I somehow manage to get home, pull out my phone, get on my Kindle app & start lapping my house…and before I know it I’m at my goal.

I’m only at 35 days right now, but I think I can do this.  I’m really hoping to push myself even more to do a 15k daily step challenge for the next 100 days!

WI day is tomorrow.  I’m still tracking daily & WI weekly.  I didn’t fully track two days this week & I feel like those two days have thrown me off, more mentally than anything.  I’m really hoping to see a loss this week.  My WI’s have been teeny tiny lately – like “stayed the same” or “down 0.3”.  I’m not working out, but I am tracking, keeping within my calorie allowance & hitting my 10k steps a day.  But let’s face it – even when I do workout the weight doesn’t come melting off of me.  It’s just who I am.  I was really getting discouraged WI & not seeing big numbers like my friends, but Kim reminded me of our WW days when a friend of ours would have the same results as me.  Week after week she’d see these low losses, but would never give up.  Soon she reached her goal and looked fabulous!  That hit me!  I needed that real “in my life” person to keep in my head as an example for me to keep going.  That Kim…she’s awesome!

Of course, if I keep coming across recipes like this in my newsfeed I’ll never lose a lb.!

This is a Molten-Choco Banana Bread from Lady and Pups…  What a great blog – just don’t visit it on an empty stomach!


Ok, gotta go wipe the drool from my chin…and keyboard!

If you decided to do a 100 days challenge along with me – how is it going?

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Mama’s Day Out!

If you remember I said I was looking to have some more “me time” this year, even if it is just a little bit here & there – a walk at night alone, dinner with friends, etc.  It has really helped me in so many ways.

Recently I had an entire DAY away.  God, I know it probably sounds horrible but I haven’t had a day to myself in over 4 years.  It was a blast.  I missed my little guy tremendously, but I knew he was having fun with Daddy & heck, he even got a little gift from Mommy to let him know he was always on my mind….

So…what did I do you ask?  I went with my dearest friends into the city to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon…  What a great time!


Seriously – I felt like a kid skipping school.  Kim & I met our other two friends on the train – same line, different stop.

We get to Penn – I, “Miss Pees a million times a day” headed over to the bathrooms while our friend Azad hit up the bar & ordered a round of Patron shots!  HA!  God I love these girls!  Ms. Tequila always makes it a point to be a part of our mama’s night out…so day shouldn’t be any different, right?


Soon after we raced over to 30 Rock to stand in line for our tickets for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  We had our reservations in hand & even through it wasn’t a guarantee for tickets, we were close to the front so we had a pretty good chance!  After we got our tickets we had some time until we had to come back for the show so we headed out to a local pub for some drinks & appetizers as a quick, light lunch.



As we headed back to get in yet another line based on our numbers, wristbands, etc., we were pulled away & those blue wrist bands were ripped off & greens ones were on – we were now a part of the band bench – #bandbenchbitches

Basically we were on stage when SchoolboyQ had his performance at the end of the show.  It was a great experience & a lot of fun – I was so happy to have been able to share it with these mamas!

The line up for the show was eh…  Mitt Romney, Mark Rivera and SchoolboyQ…, which I didn’t care too much about because lets face it I was there to see Jimmy Fallon.  Yeah – it’s an upstate thing – and apparently I have a type for funny, dorky, thin guys with dark hair – aka my husband too!….  BUT…  When Denise found out that morning that James Purefoy was going to be on the show – it just made it 10,000,000 times better!  James Purefoy is an amazing actor & his most recent roll as Joe Carroll on The Following is CHILLING!

After the show we went to a great place for dinner… Chips & Salsa.  The food was fabulous, but the drinks, specifically their margaritas not so much.  The waiter was fantastic – great personality!

My 15 seconds of fame – being on TV w/Jimmy Fallon – Smile with tongue out


Definitely looking forward to seeing The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – back in NY!

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What’s your 100 days challenge?

I’m sure you’ve all seen this viral video this month.  It’s been everywhere…umm…hence…viral!  Facebook, blogs, you name it.  If you haven’t seen it – please take the time – it’s inspirational to all who have seen it.

This woman is Lakeisha ShurnLakeisha recorded a video diary every day for 100 days on her efforts to lose weight and boost her self-esteem. In return she not only accomplished her goals, she also inspired thousands of people to “love thyself”.

I decided to give and STICK to a goal of 10k steps a day for 100 days.  That was always a goal I had for myself since getting the Fitbit & it’s kind of worked but there were days where I would just toss in the towel and say “f-it”.  Lakeisha’s message about loving thyself really stuck with me.

When I saw the video I was home with Natie, who was home sick with the stomach bug.  I swear…there’s nothing worst than seeing your child sick & feeling so helpless.


(I love how he looks like a little superhero soaring through the sky here….)

He wanted lots & lots of snuggle time and he got it! <3  In those moments when he was sleeping peacefully I decided to get off the couch & walk…in the house.  I actually paced from one end of the house to the other.  Now, my house isn’t big, so I did a lot of laps.  Something that would have bored me to death was actually quite fun thanks to being able to catch up on my Kindle list of books!

It ended up raining all weekend plus I wasn’t feeling good, but with pacing the house and reading my book…I ended up hitting my goal every day!  Something I really wouldn’t have done or committed to if it wasn’t for Lakeisha Shurn!

Here have been my Fitbit step stats since committing to “love thyself”!

  • January 9th – 10,939
  • January 10th – 11,452
  • January 11th – 11,319
  • January 12th – 12,937
  • January 13th – 15,479
  • January 14th – 11,438
  • January 15th – 12,710
  • January 16th – 10,662
  • January 17th – 11,969
  • January 18th – 13,487
  • January 19th – 11,079
  • January 20th – TBD!

It’s really pushed me to get off my butt & move!

I’m hoping after the 100 days I’m going to set a goal of 15k…or maybe even 20k!

Here’s my Fitbit…”Ruby”…  Yeah…I named my Fitbit…what’s it to you?  Smile with tongue out


Have you seen Lakeisha Shurn’s video?  Did it inspire you to “love thyself”?  Did you make a 100 days challenge?

***and no…I’m not actually doing the Give it 100 project video.  I’m just keeping it real with myself…and you!

I created a page on my blog to track my progress…because I”m going to smash this challenge with myself!

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DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel

If you’re a curly girl you’ve seen these recipes flying around the internet & curly hair message boards for years.  I seriously thought…ugh, no time.  Must make a mess.  That’s just nuts.  In the words of Sweet Georgia Brown….

“Ain’t nobody got time for that…”

Well, I was nuts for not doing this sooner!  I spend a LOT of money on hair gel.  Scratch that I USED TO spend a lot of money on hair gel.  Recently the salon I would buy my hair gel from told me I could no longer get the bar back size liters because the company wasn’t making them any more.  Buying these gave me a HUGE savings from buying the insanely priced “regular” size bottles.  She gave me a large discount on them, but it was still way more than what I was paying in the liter size and well, to be honest, more than I wanted to pay anyway.  I noticed the gel also wasn’t “working” as well either…  and started to flake, which it never did.  I figured this was a better time as any to give making my own hair gel a try.

DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel


  • 2 cups of filtered water
  • 1/4 cup of brown flaxseeds


  • Medium saucepan
  • Strainer
  • Container to hold your gel.


Bring 2 cups of filtered water to a boil.

Add 1/4 cup of brown flaxseeds to water.  Reduce heat to medium to medium high.  Stir for about 7-9 minutes.  (I actually set a timer to keep track of the time.)  Continue to stir to prevent the seeds from sticking to the bottom of the pan.


Use your spoon or spatula to check consistency of the gel.  It should start to stretch like gel…almost a mucus look.  (I know gross, but trust me…)


Pour your flaxseed into the strainer.  Stir seeds to push more gel through the strainer. 


Once your satisfied with the amount of gel you pushed through the strainer you’re done!  Put it into your container & into the refrigerator!  That’s it!  The gel will last about 2 weeks if kept in the refrigerator with no preservatives used.

Optional add-ins once it cools:

  • Pure Aloe Vera
  • Essential Oils
  • Vitamin E Oil

The Vitamin E oil & essential oils can be used as preservatives to extend shelf life.

I actually use all of the above.  The gel I buy is flaxseed & aloe gel, so adding the pure aloe vera was a no brainer for me.  I also will find any excuse to use lavender essential oils…just a few drops is all you need!

***Many have also had good results with reusing the same flaxseeds.  Just put the flaxseeds in the freezer or refrigerator for next time use.  Nothing like extending your pennies even further!


Not to mention – it’s a lot of fun for 4 year olds to play with!  Smile with tongue out


I was reminded… a picture of my curls was in order…

Here ya go – 2nd day hair too!


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It’s 2014… How did this happen?

No seriously how?

Remember as a kid you thought by this time you’d be in hovercrafts?  You thought you’d be communicating telepathically?  Well, I’m glad we’re not!  I swear many of us need to keep it simple – get back to basics for healthier bodies & minds, don’t you?

So, it’s the new year…resolutions flying around left & right.  I prefer not to use the word resolutions because it always seems to be setup with failure.  If I put too much pressure on myself I throw in the towel too soon.  A bit of failure will have me going in the opposite direction. 

Some of the things I’m looking forward to a fresh start on is the ever popular – weight loss.  Did you know I currently weigh more now than I have since I started this “journey”?  I weigh more than I ever had (except with being pregnant).  Eh, if I think about it too much I get upset, discouraged & again…my mind and body go in the opposite direction.

Some other things I’m interested in is getting control…(HA!), ok, trying to get control of my life.  Since having Natie – who is now 4!, I can’t seem to get control of anything anymore.  I hear this is normal, but I’m just now at 4 years finding myself again.  Allowing myself to say “Rich, YOU’RE putting Natie to bed tonight by yourself!” so I can go for a walk.  GOD to I LOVE my nighttime walks!  It’s so wonderful for my mind, my emotions, my soul…in turn – for everyone else around me too!  I’m a much better Mom having that “me” time – even if it is a nighttime walk just 3 days a week!

Other fun things I’m playing around with is making my own products.  For YEARS I saw recipes for making your own hair gel & thought “That’s insane!  Who has time for that?”  Well, guess what – this chick does!  AND the savings!  OMG!  I’m hoping to do more posts on the “adventures” in product making too…money saving tips! 

Check out my curls using just two simple ingredients: (and this is 2nd day hair y’all!)


So my main focuses are:

1. Being healthier – mind, body & soul

2. Getting in control of my life & myself.

3. Save money & make safer products for my family.

Should be fun!  I hope you’ll join me this year in making 2014 the start of something special!

Do you have any plans for a happier & healthier you?  Please share them! 

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Baby steps…

I hope everyone has been doing well in my short hiatus!

Lots has been happening…  mentally & physically!  In my last post I filled you in on my back problems.  I started back up with my running schedule, but that ended up being short lived.  Thankfully not because of my back, but due to me being clumsy and slipping off a curb a week later and having a b!%ch of a sprain.  I can look back on that moment now & laugh, but boy…I cried…I mean ugly cried.



I got my son out of the car & went to the passenger side to get my things & before you know it I slipped, I heard a pop/crack & my butt was on the ground.  I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t do anything but hold my ankle tight.  Natie was great, stayed by my side because here we are in the parking lot of his daycare.  No one knew I was there and I didn’t want him to get help & God forbid get hit by a car.  So he stayed by my side & got the phone out of the car for me.  I tried calling Rich for a half an hour.  The one time he didn’t take his phone with him is when I fall off the curb.  Thankfully my friend Kim was on her way to drop her daughter off at daycare too and came to my rescue.  She brought Natie into school & then got me into the car & off to the ER we went.  Seriously – if you ever need to go to the ER – she’s who you want to go with .  Took my mind off the pain & had me cracking up!  I finally got a hold of Rich & he soon joined us.

Fast forward to today – the ankle is 100% and I can walk, I even started back to week 1, day 1 the other day with the c25k.  It SUCKS going back to the beginning but I need to take it slow to avoid more injury.  Believe it or not the range of motion isn’t all there yet.  I don’t recall recovering from a sprain taking this long…age I guess?

Speaking of age – this all happened 2 days before my birthday.  My dreams of apple picking that day ended up getting squashed, but I did find joy in taking a shower with the help of my husband.  (mind out of gutter people!)

I was also stressed during that time because we had planned a party for Natie for this birthday, but thankfully it all came together & everyone had a great time.  I’ll have to do a post on that too!

So yeah, like I said, the running is back to the beginning.  I’m truly ok with that because I NEED it.  I really do.  I’ve said a million times – I need it not only to keep my weight in check, but also for my mind…my focus, and my emotions.

The weight…  Amazingly I managed to stay on track while I was laid up.  I was so proud of myself – especially being my fitbit said I did a max of 1k something in steps in the beginning!  Once I lost the crutches (a week later!) I did squeak in some 10k step days!  But…eventually old horrible habits came creeping back in, along with failed TTC attempts and gorging myself seemed to be the way to go.  I’d pick myself back up, dust myself off & rock out a week…but then slip back into poopie caca mode.  Poopie caca mode is where I was this morning after stepping on the scale & seeing a 5.8 lb. gain.  Uh huh…5.8 lbs.  That’s in just 2 weeks…not a month, not a year…2 FREAKIN WEEKS!

So, I’m back, tired of my own “ish” and trying to take it one day at a time…ok, one meal at a time.

I’m needing help – I’m asking you to be my Jillian Michaels & kick my ass!  Are you up for this challenge?  (cough cough, am I up for this challenge?)


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Checking in…

Hey all.  Lots going on in the FNHM household.  Nothing too exciting just a lot of “stuff” keeping us forever busy. 

GREAT news…my concerns about never being able to run again have been squashed.  With constant chiropractic care I’m able to continue running.  Like I’ve said before…I really enjoy it.  Hearing the news that I was never able to run again was heart breaking.  You’d think…”this chick?”  “She’s not running marathons.”  “Some days she can barely get out there.”  “Not like she’s breaking any 5k time records…”  I’m not really sure what it is with running…the endorphins I guess.  But I need it for my MENTAL & EMOTIONAL state more than my physical.  I can’t get that endorphin high from less impact exercises like walking, using the elliptical.  Heck, anything.  There’s just something in my brain that responds so well to running.  Ok – jogging.  But it does.

To make a long story short I was laid up again.  But this time it was different – I could walk, heck I could ONLY walk.  I couldn’t lay down, I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t sit.  I would wake up in the middle of the night & cry because I couldn’t move.  There were mornings Rich had to get me out of bed.  At work I’d stand and move back & forth in order to relieve the pain.  I was close to getting a tread desk because it was the only thing that helped – constant movement.  This time I was sent for an MRI.  Ugh – another fear of mine…claustrophobia!  Turns out the best read for what I had was a stand up MRI.  It’s completely open.  I actually had to sit, which hurt like hell, but gave the BEST reading for my back. 


When the reports came back I have a herniated disc L4 & L5 pressing on the spinal cord & pinching the nerves on my left side and signs of degenerative disc disease.  I also have a bulging disc I think it was T12 & L1 that is also pressing on the spinal cord with signs of degenerative disc disease.  I was given a prescription to see a pain management doctor.  Hoping to get an epidural to knock out the inflammation.  I dreaded being told I’d be put on pain meds.  I wasn’t interested at all.  I knew there had to be another way.  So I ended up cancelling the appointment & continuing my chiropractor treatments.  Once he had the results he started me on the decompression table.  Within the first week of treatment I had relief.  Ummm…  I heart this thing.  Seriously!

Here’s an example of what the machine looks like…

For more info on this amazing non-surgical therapy, click here!

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